The Good Life Research Centre Trust


About the Good Life Research Centre Trust

The Purpose

The Trust was established to promote holistic research that can inform the process of decision making. In other words, the process of policy formation must be community-based and at grassroots. We in the Trust therefore believe that the community has the ownership of the problem and the evidence, and must be a stakeholder in the process of decision making.

The Trust’s core aims and objectives are:-

  1. To conduct and facilitate holistic research for the benefit of the public and community within New Zealand on issues relevant to the health and well-being of individuals and society.
  2. To make the results of such research freely available to the public and to interested groups and organisations, for purposes including that of assisting in the formulation of appropriate public policy in New Zealand.

Core Activities

  1. Design of holistic and multi-method research
  2. Consultancy: research methodology, study design, statistical & longitudinal modelling, proposal writing
  3. Consultancy: public health, youth health (e.g. suicide prevention, teenage smoking and drinking)
  4. Education and Training (youth suicide prevention).



Dr Bernadette Cassidy (Spinal Trust, Burwood Hospital)

Mr Darius Shahtahmasebi (Solicitor, Hamilton)

Dr Said Shahtahmasebi (Research Consultant, Christchurch)

Ms Mary Wade (Health service researcher and Nurse educator, Tauranga)


Research Centre Director

Dr Said Shahtahmasebi


Current interests

Holistic multi-disciplinary and multi-method study of issues related to human behaviour, e.g.:-

Suicide, including youth health and youth suicide

Teenage smoking

Youth attitude & perceptions to drinking and driving

Cholesterol, heart disease and lifestyle (including diet and nutrition)

Health Informatics

Quality of life