Volume 3

Issue 1

1- Editorial: Everyone’s an expert!: DHH_Edtorial_Vol3(1)

2- Sadhir, Stockburger and Omar: Challenges of internet and social media use in adolescents: DHH_Hatim_Internet

3- Sadhir, Stockburger and Omar: sexual minority (lgbtq) youth and role of health care provider: DHH_Hatim_Sexual

4- TeApatu & Shahtahmasebi: Paper III: bi-cultural use of Kaiawhina: cultural sensitivity or conflict?: DHH_Hine_Kaiawhina_Paper III

5- Shahtahmasebi: Is bullying a societal trait?: DHH_Said_Bullying

Issue 2

1- Editorial: Media’s interpretation of research results: DHH_Editorial_June2016

2- McDonald: Choosing the doctoral path in New Zealand: DHH_Christine_Doctoral Journey

3- Akande et al: Autism in Nigeria: DHH_Akande_Autism

4- Brown: Suicide prevention update: DHH_Brown_YMCA Update

5- Shahtahmasebi: Suicide prevention: DHH_Said_Suicide

Issue 3

1- Editorial: engineering perceptions: dhh_said_editorial_sep-2016

2- Udechukwu et al.: improving human papillomavirus immunization rates in kentucky: DHH_Hatim_HPV paper

3- Money & Pridmore: Politics and Suicide: dhh_saxby_polictics_and_suicide

4- Srivastava et al.: The TB Bug and its resilience: dhh_kant_tb

5- Shahtahmasebi: Importance of social perceptions and the role of feedback effect: dhh_said_feedback

 Issue 4

1- Editorial: three years of DHH: dhh_editorial_december_2016

2- Shahtahmasebi: Suicide prevention: politics or conspiracy : dhh_said_suicide-on-the-rise

3- Pridmore & Ahmadi: stress and suicide (Letter): dhh_saxby_letter

4- Bargiel-Matusiewicz et al: Stress amongst prison officers: dhh_bargiel-matusiewicz_stress

5- Fedwa et al: Adolescent Mental Health: dhh_fedwa_sport

6- Book Review: Adolescent Training: dhh_stockburger_book-review

7- Book Review: Chinese Adolescent: dhh_sadhir_book-review