Suicide Prevention at Grassroots

1- Stop Youth Suicide Campaign, Kentucky, USA.  Contact: Professor Hatim Omar.

2-  Suicide Prevention at Grassroots, New Zealand. Contact:  Dr Said Shahtahmasebi.

3- Suicide Prevention Grassroots around New Zealand:

– South Waikato SYS (Show Your Support). Contact: Lindie Smith

– Huntly. Contact: Aotea Maipi.

– Raglan. Contact: Bronwen Christianos.

– Raglan. Contact: Chrissy Hodkinson.

– Kawerau. Contact: Marama Peri.

– Alternative Education, YMCA, Christchurch. Contact: Joanna Brown.

– He Waka Tapu, Christchurch. Contact: Melany Tainui.

4-  Tools

– People’s Conference November 24-28, 2014, Hamilton and Christchurch,  see also.

– Evidentiary (Reading) material:-

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