Welcome to the Dynamics of Human Health (DHH)

This Journal was devised as a platform to provide an applied and holistic view of health and healthcare as it relates to other social and environmental processes. In this context, the Journal seeks to publish articles in any discipline that discuss and debate evidentiary support of a link to health and healthcare outcomes, e.g. application of Health Informatics, possible associations between language, education, and technology with health.

From this platform human health can be viewed as a dynamic and holistic process and thus observing human “health” becomes inevitable regardless of colour, background, or discipline. The aim is to create a multi-way flow of information between disciplines to share information in addressing undesired outcomes resulting from human behaviour, e.g. health, social and economic policies.

In other words, using conventional language, DHH publishes a range of articles relevant to human health from different disciplines, cultures, and backgrounds in order to raise awareness about the issues surrounding human health. We welcome submissions of original research, relevant reviews, commentaries and manuscripts on a variety of topics.

DHH is a quarterly issued journal.

Resources, announcements and news will be posted as and when received, so feel free to browse regularly.

To prepare and submit a paper/article please refer to the author guidelines.