The solution to a problem will demand different approaches and use of resources depending on geographical areas. But, regardless of where you are, having the appropriate information and knowledge albeit methodological, technological, or substantive, is the most important currency towards resolving issues.

The aim of the Journal is to build up a collection of appropriate resources starting with some tips and advice on research and statistical methodology:

  • For practical data analysis:

Shahtahmasebi, S., & Merrick, J. (2014). suicide from a public health perspective New York: Nova. (The Psychology Progress team has identified this book as a significant contributor in Substance Abuse studies. It is of special interest to the progress in this Psychology field and has been featured in an edition of Psychology Progress.)

Shahtahmasebi, S., & Berridge, D. (2010). Conceptualising behaviour in health and social research: a practical guide to data analysis. New York: Nova Sci.

Penn, R., & Berridge, D. (2010). Social Statistics Volume 1:  The Statistical Analysis of Aggregate Categorical Data. London: Sage Publications.

  • Understanding dynamics of human behaviour and methodology

Shahtahmasebi, S. (2006). The Good life: A holistic approach to the health of the population. TheScientificWorldJournal, 6, 2117-2132. doi: 10.1100/tsw.2006.341