Dr Sue Bagshaw, Director, The Collaborative, Christchurch.

Professor Damon Berridge, Farr Institute – CIPHER, College of Medicine, Swansea University, UK.

Professor Keith Cash, Dean, Agha Khan University, Pakistan.

Dr Bernadette Cassidy, Allan Bean Centre, New Zealand Spinal Trust, Christchurch, New Zealand.

Professor Eric Emerson, Centre for Disability Research, Lancaster University, UK.

Dr Sallie Greenwood, Wintec, New Zealand.

Nancy McNamara, Wintec, New Zealand.

Professor Joav Merrick, Health Services Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services Division for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, Israel.

Professor Hatim Omar, Division of Adolescent Medicine, Chair of Children’s Miracle Network, University of Kentucky, USA.

Professor Saxby Pridmore, School of Medicine, University of Tasmania, Tasmania, Australia.

Dr Said Shahtahmasebi, editor-in-chief , The Good Life Research Centre Trust (radisolevoo@gmail.com). Christchurch, New Zealand.

Dr Leo Sher, M.D., Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, and Director, Inpatient Psychiatry, James J. Peters Veterans’ Administration Medical Center, New York, USA.

Dr Colin Thunhurst, Honorary Principal Research Fellow, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Coventry University. UK.