5- Letters

Dear Editor

Just a quick note to say I loved this issue (DHH 6(2)) with the broader focus away from Mental Health services. It is a fantastic issue but I worry the necessary changes will not occur. The first problem is the GP insisting antidepressants which do NOT help at all…all they do is deaden all emotions and make the individuals feel like the “walking dead”. My sister was a high functioning intelligent fun loving girl before she married a psychopathic narcissist and it is very true that when they cannot see a better future in ANY areas of their life, suicide becomes a perceived escape from it all. All articles in this issue described my sisters life…people she trusted kept taking advantage of her and left her with nothing…and now that she had a baby she worried how they would survive with no house and all the money gone.

Name supplied.


Dear Editor

The articles (DHH 6(2)) are so congruent with indigenous approaches to health and wellbeing. Their values beliefs and practices being reinforced by international media Really inspired rejuvenated and just the energy to keep on doing my mahi.

Mere Hibbs, Canterbury DHB, New Zealand.